New Developer Portal

Type: New Feature Release

Release Date: February 15, 2023

The new Developer Portal aims to increase the speed and quality of direct API integrations through a persona-specific experience. This new experience includes:

  • Persona Specific Navigation: Ability to choose how you’re integrating to project44 and which modes are specific to your journey
  • Targeted guides per product: Each product has a brief description and overview, with some guides having full instructions on how to effectively use them
  • Centralized access to Reference Materials: View SDKs, API Release Notes, links to Movement guides and release notes, and more from one central place!
  • Publicly Available: No need to log in to access the material
  • Environment Specific: Both the API specs and the SDKs are environment specific for EU and NA customers/carriers developers.project44.com (NA) and developers.eu.project44.com (EU)

With the usability and content improvements, we hope that you can onboard to our API products faster, with higher fidelity connections.